We are a custom manufacturer of a unique style of outdoor grill. All of our grills are made of the highest quality materials available. There are no shortcuts taken in the construction of these grills from start to finish. Each grill is individually handcrafted here at the Dodd Ranch in Young County, Texas. We have used every resource available to make these grills the most user friendly fire pit/cooking grill on the market.


All of our grills easily disassemble for easy transportation and they have a one inch drain hole in the fire pit to ventilate the fire and to drain rain water. All of our grills have a 16" screw jack height adjustment, and a 3/16" wall thickness firebox. All of the grills rotate a full 360 degrees. This allows you to baste the meat and check the vegetables without being over the fire or in the smoke. The entire fire pit also rotates so the wind is working to your advantage when building a fire and/or cooking the meal.


Cowboy Campfire Grills are the only grills on the market today that have all of these great features. These are the only grills on the market that for the first time in your life, you are not fighting the fire. With the different adjustments on all of our grills, cooking outside is now a fun time.
We look forward to all calls, e-mails and orders from you as a customer.

Thanks & May God Bless,

The Dodd Family


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